New Printable Foundation Paper!

Our good friend, Fiona, famous for her work with the Sewing Directory, has created a new product for Foundation piecing – Printable Foundation Paper – and it’s made here in Britain!

The team at the Quilter’s Den have a love/hate relationship with Foundation Paper piecing – some of us love it and others hate it.

As a self-proclaimed FPP “hater” I will actively seek out patterns that get the effect I want without resorting to FPP (Elizabeth Hartman patterns spring to mind) So I’m the perfect person to test out a new FPP product!

I selected the smallest Electric Diamond pattern by Sariella for Libs Elliot (one of my favourite fabric designers) as it’s modern and reasonably complex and I’d been meaning to test it out for ages.

I loaded the paper into my home inkjet printer and printed the pattern straight from the website – success first time.

The paper is thin, strong and semi-transparent so you can easily see through it to place your fabrics.

It was easy to use and see the pattern – all good so far. It didn’t distort when I needed to turn up the heat to press the pieces to fit (I think that’s called “easing”!)

Now for the critical bit – did it tear out without needing fingernails and tweezers?? YES!

This is the reason for my “hate” relationship with FPP – I’ve always found that paper works better than a fabric foundation such as muslin or calico but I detest picking the bits off the back where the paper hasn’t torn off properly. None of those problems here – I used a shorter stitch length (1.8 on my Bernina) and the paper just peeled off at the seam like a dream.

So for tweezer-free FPP, I can definitely recommend Patterntrace Foundation Paper (and I might even have fallen back in love with FPP!)


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